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Name of business:Legal AI inc.

CEO:Kaoru Watanabe

Address:1-22-11-2F Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Oficial site:

Responsible person : Kaoru Watanabe

Service Fees / Prices Vary depending on the pricing plan selected by the customer.

Please refer to the price page of each service for each pricing plan.

Service Charges / Prices Other Fees to be borne by the customer Connection and communication fees required to use the Internet.

Payment Method
Credit card payment / invoice payment / other payment methods approved by the Company

Time of payment
The date of debit by each credit card company / Other payment dates determined by the Company

Time of delivery
After the purchase is confirmed, the relevant content can be used immediately.
Return PolicyAs returns are not possible due to the nature of the content, we do not accept cancellations or returns after the purchase is confirmed.

Operating Environment
An Internet-capable electronic device in good working order at the time of application for this service


© 2023  Legal AI, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

"HARUKA.AI" used in our site is the name of the tool to support as a guide partner not a human being or the character with the qualification. The AI character support service of the Legal AI uses GPT of American OpneAI company. The Legal AI is an AI software development company. We do not take responsibility named the state of things for the information that AI provides.

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